Why it’s important to learn the yoga basics

New to yoga? Renée Leeuw, yoga teacher & flexibility coach outlines the importance of starting your journey with the fundamentals of yoga.

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If you’ve been to a yoga class, you probably remember your first time. Perhaps you felt nervous about trying something new or you might have felt insecure about wearing the right clothes (No shoes and socks? Ok..)

Once you’ve made it to your mat, the teacher is instructing you to do poses in a language you don’t speak and in the end, everyone just lies down with their eyes closed, no movement. Yoga can be a little intimidating. 

As a teacher, I always try to lower the threshold, but a general group class is full of students from all different walks of life and it’s just not the right place and time to go in-depth about the basics of yoga. However, I wish each student got to learn the basics as it can be so valuable to know about the poses and how to adjust them to your body so that it feels good and supports your growth. This is why I’m very excited that Equal is organising Intro to Yoga workshops, every first wednesday of the month at our Rozengracht studio.

What is the Intro to Yoga workshop?

It’s a 2,5 hour long workshop in which we will discuss what yoga is and why the breath is such a key element in the yoga practice. We will practice and explain the basic poses and movements, such as the vinyasa - a movement that comes back in almost every class but is often confusing or fast for beginners. There will be time for answering your questions and we’ll end the workshop with a beginner-friendly yoga practice that should prepare you for your next class.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are interested in yoga, but not sure where and how to start.
  • You already practice yoga, but never really got to learn the basics.
  • You’ve had a break from yoga and are ready to pick up your practice with some extra guidance.

Ready to start? Find all the details here and sign up.