Intro to yoga

New to yoga?

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Intro to yoga

Begin or restart your yoga practice!

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Introduction to yoga

Always struggling in Down Dog? Then this program is for you!

Take a little time for yourself and join the Intro to Yoga workshop. It is the perfect way to begin (or restart) your yoga practice! 

Learn the foundational standing poses, simple sun salutations, full body stretches and explore breathing. We offer you a 2.5-hour introduction workshop and 5 Equal Yoga classes (within 30 days of your workshop) for only € 59. This transformative workshop is designed to introduce new and curious yoga students to the basic yoga techniques, get familiar with the different yoga styles, an introduction to breathing, moving & relaxation techniques and the most common poses in a safe and guided way. 

Joining the workshop helps you to create a solid foundation in the practice of yoga and prepare you for the 5 classes that you can choose to follow. We will also help you on how to choose classes that are right for you going forward. At the end of this workshop, you will be confident and ready to join our regular scheduled classes. You will be able to adjust your yoga practice to your needs. 

equal yoga

Program details

- Short introduction to what is yoga
- Short explanation about the different styles of yoga 
- Sun salutations
- Basic standing postures 
- Sitting postures 
- Basic breathing techniques 

* All sessions are in English.

What: a 2.5 hour yoga workshop + 5 classes that you can join in any of our studios. 
Price: EUR 59
- July 2nd, Hoofdweg studio, 14.30 - 17.00hr 

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