Why would you wanna join an Intro-to-Yoga workshop?

Whether you are new to yoga or coming back to the mat after a long (corona) break, we are pleased to guide you (back again) on your yoga path.

equal yoga

Every first Wednesday of the month, we offer the Intro to Yoga workshop.

This transformative workshop is designed to introduce new and curious yoga students to the basic yoga techniques, get familiar with the different yoga styles, breathing, moving & relaxation techniques and the most common poses in a safe and guided way. Besides this workshop, this also includes 5 Equal Yoga classes that you can use to try out what you learned in the workshop. 

It is the perfect way to begin (or restart) your yoga practice! 

When: Every first Wednesday of the month, 19 – 21.30h @ the Equal Rozengracht Studio

Next one is scheduled for upcoming Wednesday October 5, 

What to do when you are new to yoga or restart your yoga and can’t join the Intro to Yoga workshop?

  • Explore our different yoga classes

Whether you want to fire up your abs and build up a solid, strong core, work on your balance or just want to slow down, we have the class for you. Equal offers a workout for both your body and mind.  All our power yoga classes are designed to enhance flexibility and strength combining movement, breath, and static postures. Our fixed sequences challenge both beginners and advanced yogis. Just determine what you need and pick a class to join. We recommend trying out different classes to find the class that is right for you.

  • Try out several yoga teachers teaching the same sequence

Although all our hot power classes are based in fixed sequences, every yoga teacher has their own approach. Some focus more on, some focus more on the physical aspects of yoga, others on the mental effects of a yoga class. even within the same type of class. We recommend trying out several teachers to find out who resonates with you. 

  • Just book a class that suits your schedule

We have classes running the entire day, with the first one starting at 7am, the last one runs till 9.30pm. In Amsterdam there are 3 locations, in Utrecht we have 2 studios. Just check out our overview of classes and sign up to a class that suits your level and schedule. And, if you can't make it to the studio you can always join one of our online free classes.

Come and join our Intro to Yoga workshop, sign up via our website.