What yoga classes should I join to complement my running training?

With the Amsterdam marathon coming up soon, you might be beginning to taper off your training schedule. Or maybe you aren’t running a marathon, but you still run, whatever your level & style, a regular hot yoga practice can be the perfect balance to support your running.

equal yoga

All of Equal Yoga classes are helpful to encourage a supple and flexible body & mind. As well as being a yoga teacher, Alessandra Large enjoys other sports and believes when you move and look after yourself in the right way, you magically feel better. She shares some great advice on what yoga classes could benefit your body if you are a runner.

An evening yin class can be perfect to bring you into a more relaxed state and positively impact your sleep. 

I would particularly recommend Equal Yin, especially if you are running quite a lot and are already practising resistance/strength workouts. It can be the perfect addition to your rest days or after a longer run or workout for its calming, restorative nature as well as its potential to hydrate the connective tissue. An evening yin class can be perfect to bring you into a more relaxed state and positively impact your sleep. 

If you need a bit more movement and like things a bit hotter, Hot Fusion is a solid, balanced series that helps build support and develop length in the tissues of the lower body, spine and core. This class is a bit slower than the flow classes, with more of a focus on static poses and standing balances, which are good for ankle stability. The increased heat also helps to encourage vasodilation and thus, blood flow in the body, which is perfect for tired muscles. The quiet and slower nature of this class allows more space to focus on a slow and low breath, helping you to feel calm and steady. 

Equally valuable, but different, could be the addition of Core Power to your routine! A functional and strong core is essential for runners, especially long-distance runners. It supports your posture, your spinal stability, and a healthy breath (just as functional breathing supports a functional core). 

Another benefit is that, often, running is a solitary activity, whereas if you regularly attend yoga classes at the same studio and at the same time, you have the option of becoming part of a thriving and friendly yoga community. 

You might even commit to one (or more) of each of these 3 classes per week as the perfect balance to your running routine.