Self-care tips

We can all use more self-care lately so why not read our favourite tips and see it as an opportunity to treat yourself!

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Taking care of ourselves can be hard work. Especially if we have other obligations: family, friends, work, bills, homes. We can learn to take true care of ourselves by remembering that self-care is believing you are worthy of being treated well and have the confidence to set boundaries. Saying "no" to that second glass of wine or taking that park walk instead of scrolling through your socials.

We love simple. Sometimes the simple efforts can be the most powerful. We hope you enjoy our 4 simple, self-care tips and feel encouraged to take care of yourself every day.


Take 10 minutes of time daily to stretch. Set no goals but just move your body freely within it's limits and enjoy the movement. Want to start a daily 10 minute routine? Try this free 10 minute flow with Sabrina


Whip up your favourite meal! Remind yourself you are worthy of nourishing and delicious food. Enjoy!


Learn to meditate, even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes a day and do what works for you. Create the time and space to just 'be'. Try our free online 10 minute intro to meditation with Ramon


Make a Spotify playlist of all your favourite songs. Get lost and allow yourself to find peace in the memories associated with each song. For inspiration check out our Equal Yoga spotify playlists  - songs for all moments.