How it feels joining a new studio for the first time

We hear from one of our recent newbies Kim who shares some of her first impressions of joining a new studio.

equal yoga

Starting something new will challenge your mental strength and willpower, but after you prove to yourself that you can push past those beliefs, you will realise you have the strength to tackle more than you think!

What made you want to try Equal?

I work at Mundi, a coffee place 1min from Equal on the Hoofdweg. It’s perfect to end the workday I’ve had. To relax and feel energised after the whole day of working. I also never tried hot yoga or barre before, so I loved to try something new, especially since it's so close.

What was the first class you joined?

The first class I joined was a booty & core workout. I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t too uptempo, but I felt every muscle the next day. I am used to really intense HIIT workouts, so to have a more relaxed vibe at the same time a challenging class, was really fun!

How did you prepare?

I brought my own yoga mat, because I love to leave the class right away when finished because I’m sweaty and want some fresh air. I dressed in super chill and comfy yoga pants and was prepared for a challenge.

What were your thoughts when you stepped onto the mat?

I’m not used to doing a workout in 26 degrees, so my thoughts were that it was warm! But after I sat down and relaxed I got used to it and it felt really good.

How did you feel after class? 

I felt amazing, energised and relaxed at the same time. And really sore the next day. Which means I did something good.

What’s your overall impression of your experience? Anything you’d recommend for other first timers?

Overall impression: really relaxed and professional. Loved the teacher who gave the class, they really motivated me to go on a step further than I would normally go. Recommendation for a first timer for the booty & core class: expect to be sore the next day. I left wanting more.

How will you make your new studio part of your routine?

I would love to try more yoga orientated classes, to really help me wind down after a long day of work. I would also love to try and have a class before my work shift, to get me ready for the day.