Hot Yoga or CrossFit? Wait, you can do both.

How to combine both into your workout routines by Faranak Babai, Yoga teacher, CrossFit lover and marketeer

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There's no reason you can't compliment Yoga with CrossFit or vice versa. Incorporating both into your fitness routine can help you work on improving your mobility and power. 

It was never the question to do sports but just a question of what kind of sports. I did a lot of different sports and finally found the perfect match with Yoga and CrossFit.

Crossfit and Yoga are completely different types of training, but both focus on strength and endurance. Tell us a bit about both practices and how you got into both?

I grew up with sports being like food and sleep, something that is necessary to be happy and healthy. It was never the question to do sports but just a question of what kind of sports.
I did a lot of different sports and finally found the perfect match with Yoga and CrossFit. Yoga started for me as physiotherapy/healing because I wanted to stretch and prevent injuries. I also wanted to work on a strong breath and mind. CrossFit started for me because the gym was not giving me what I wanted. CrossFit is diverse, has a nice community and really helps me develop skills like pull ups, rope climbs and handstand walks. CrossFit is a mix of gymnastics, athletics and weightlifting where yoga is a full bodyweight work-out and stretch.

There are certain elements you need for CrossFit that only yoga can give and vice versa. For example, with weightlifting I need to be flexible to go deep into squats and keep heavy weights overhead. I can practice that perfectly with down dogs and backbends.
The other way around I miss pulling motions (like pull ups) in my yoga practice and weights to be able to maintain muscle strength which is especially needed when you get older.

Can you share an example of your weekly workout schedule? 
Really try to find a rhythm/routine. Rather go twice a week and maintain that for a year than going five times a week and maintaining for a month. Also find a place that makes you leave with a smile then remember that feeling so it motivates you to go back to it. I do CrossFit 5 times a week and Yoga three times but this was a slow build up, taking the time to settle it into my schedule before adding more. 

For anyone who hasn’t tried either yoga or CrossFit, or both… how do they start?
By getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. In the beginning it can feel awkward and strange. Know that everybody is too busy with themself to mind you so it is okay to feel awkward. Nobody will notice and nobody will expect you to do it perfectly. We expect ourselves to be perfect even when we do something for the first time. Accept that it takes time to learn and enjoy the process. 

equal yoga

Both could sound quite an intense and serious commitment, how do you keep it light and fun, finding the balance?
Good question! And just the answer I gave above. Your goal for the first 10 times: Having fun! 

Apart from CrossFit & Yoga, what else do you like to get up to to mix it up?
I think just like with food variation is also the best thing for your body and getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing for your mind. So I like to climb, run, dance, kiteboard, and snowboard. When it comes to sports I really like Pipi Longstocking saying: ‘I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.’ Then I try it, fall on my face and have a good laugh about it.