Get yourself on the Barre floor.

Find out all the fun benefits of Equal Barre!

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Barre classes are one of the most popular classes at our studio in Rotterdam. And not with no good reason as two of our Barre teachers Anna and Mercedes. They describe Barre classes as: high intensity, low impact and always FUN. Anna and Mercedes give you seven benefits of following Barre classes every week.

Aren't we all looking for a nice posture, standing straight without thinking of keeping your shoulders back all the time?

  • 1. With Barre we focus on your Posture

One of the best benefits is improving your posture. Barre teachers are actively focusing on opening your shoulders and chest and strengthening your back muscles. So it makes it easier to keep your shoulders open. Aren't we all looking for a nice posture, standing straight without thinking of keeping your shoulders back all the time? 

  • 2. The mental benefits

Barre will give you a better connection with your mind and body as Barre is making you more aware of the way you use and move your body. Another mental benefit: a Barre class is challenging! You have to push yourself during the whole class, as burning your muscles with Barre is totally included!

  • 3. Building up strength

As we told you before: a Barre class is high intensity but low impact. You will build up great strength as we are targeting muscles you might have never used before. First we will get your muscles burning, and then they start shaking. Don’t get scared while your muscles shake, we promise you: they will only get stronger! 

  • 4. Fast recovery and fast result

While a HIT workout can make your body feel inflamed afterwards, Barre is a workout with fast recovery. Not only do Anna and Mercedes experience this, also students mention that they are feeling great the day after a Barre workout. This might be because with Barre you only work with your own body weight and the workout is not too stressful for the body. This doesn't mean a Barre workout is slow in results. You will feel stronger and find your booty lifting in no time. Come experience yourself!

  • 5. It’s the perfect combination with Yin Yoga

Barre requires open hips, and as most of us don’t have them Yin Yoga is the perfect combination with Barre. Yin yoga allows you to work on your joints and ligaments. It creates space.

  • 6. It’s a collective workout

During a Barre class you are definitely doing it together! Everyone in the class is empowering each other. Like Mercedes says during class: Stay with me, let’s finish this together!

  • 7. Fun, fun, fun!

Come challenge yourself, start the Barre adventure and enjoy! You might be a bit overwhelmed by a Barre class, but we promise you: You will love it. 

About Anna and Mercedes

Anna started following Barre classes as a student when the studio Equal Rotterdam opened. She has always been curious about body movement and while she was following Barre classes weekly she asked herself: What if I could be a Barre Teacher? And so she did! She finished her Barre certificated training beginnen of 2021 and started teaching last summer. Without any doubt one of her best choices. She loves to get everyone on the Barre floor. 

Mercedes is a classical trained dancer, started at the Dutch National Ballet school in Amsterdam. She danced in New York and worked for several Opera productions (and still does). Beside her impressive dance experience she started teaching dancing, yoga and since 2018 also Barre. People ask her many times if dance experience is needed to follow Barre classes. She promises you: you don't have to be a dancer to follow Barre classes. I will get you in the right positions!