Finding Your Flow on Vacation

Tips for a Fulfilling Yoga Practice While Traveling 

equal yoga

At Equal Yoga, we cherish the warm, inviting environment of our studio. However, we also understand the importance of maintaining your practice, especially when you're traveling. Whether you're staying in a hotel, a cozy vacation rental, or even a tent, these tips will help you make the most of your yoga practice on the go.

1. Get a Mat and Improvise a Block
Traveling light is key, but bringing along a good-quality yoga mat is essential. We recommend the anti-slip yoga mats by Ecoyogi, known for their excellent grip and stability. They are perfect for any surface you might encounter on your travels. A yoga block is also a valuable addition to your home practice, providing support and helping you get into poses. However, they take up space in your suitcase. A steady book, folded plaid, or water bottle could offer a solution when you're on the go.

2. Create Your Space
Even on vacation, it's important to carve out a little corner for your practice. Find a spot in your hotel room, rental space, or campsite where you have enough room to stretch without bumping into anything. Make this space inviting and calming—bring along a small candle, a piece of home, or even an inspiring quote to help you connect with your body and mind.

3. Plan Ahead
Traveling often means a change in routine, but planning your yoga practice can help you stay consistent. Decide on a time that works best with your vacation schedule and commit to it. Whether it's an early morning session before you explore or a calming evening practice after a day of adventure, planning ahead will keep you on track. Prepare by selecting your digital class in advance and setting up your space, even if it's just the night before.

4. Minutes Will Do!
Vacation time is precious, and you might not want to spend an hour on your mat. Even a short 10 or 20-minute practice can be incredibly energizing and grounding. Try a few sun salutations in the morning to start your day with energy, or some yin poses in the evening to help you relax. Focus on maintaining the habit of stepping onto your mat, rather than completing a full sequence.

5. Make it Fun and Step Off Your Mat with a Smile
Your vacation yoga practice should be enjoyable. Create a travel playlist, try a new digital class, or even invite a travel companion to join you. Your home slash travel practice does not mean you have to stay in your accommodation. Practicing outdoors, whether it's on a beach, in a park, or beside a mountain stream, can also add a refreshing twist to your routine. Embrace the adventure and challenge yourself to grow, even on vacation. 

By incorporating these tips, you can maintain a fulfilling and enjoyable yoga practice no matter where your travels take you. Embrace the flexibility and freedom of practicing yoga on the go, and let it enhance your summer adventures.

Happy travels!