Equal sofa session with Monique van de Steeg

A day in the life of running a studio and balancing career ambitions with an adventurous life and side hobbies! 

equal yoga

Finding a balance between our career prospects and other interests can sometimes always feel like work in progress. Our very own Monique who runs the Equal Oudegracht studio in Utrecht along side her other projects shares some tips.

What brought you to Equal Yoga?
I was living and traveling in Australia when I applied for a job at Equal. I wanted to move to Utrecht and was searching for a company which is in the yoga business. I searched online and I was sold straight away. After my first application in my bunkbed in a hostelroom I knew for sure this company would be perfect to work for. And here we are, still going strong.

What else do you do?
Yeah, so here’s the thing. I’m running the studio at Equal Utrecht, have my own business in children and adult coaching, love to travel and go to parties, spend time with family and friends and try out new things like playing a guitar or skiing. Oh and besides that, I obviously want to join all the 4 different classes at Equal, especially the core flow. It sounds like a lot right? Sometimes yes, however, I love every single thing I do which makes it much easier!

How is it all possible?
I started at Equal since we opened at Oudegracht and I love this company so much, that I’m just making sure it will fit in my life. And the funny part about that. Life makes also sure it will fit, just like all the other things. No matter when or what I always manage to do everything without rushing around.

I can go for travels 3 till 4 times a year, develop new skills, running my own workshops and events, writing a childsbook and managing a studio. I love diversity, to not do the same thing all the time and to learn and grow. It makes me flexible and curious. Besides that, you get to know new people and you can learn from everyone you meet, even if it’s a little bit.

Do you even rest?
An important thing in this is that you also keep your me time. Read a book, meditate, do sports, listen to music or a podcast, go to a spa, watch a movie or go out for some nice drinks and food by yourself. This is what I especially learned during my travels. To do stuff on my own. I can for example easily go out for lunch all by myself and I enjoy it!

What helps you by living your life?
I always keep in mind with everything I do is that there is a solution for everything. There is seriously always. Don’t panic to much. A bit of stress is good for you, because it keeps you sharp and going, but don’t overstress. It will always work out. And feeling stressed? Come join one of our classes! Besides that, be honest and realistic. People prefer you rather being honest than you try to hold it all together when it’s not working. At last, go with the flow in life. Sometimes life turns out different, but believe me it always works out for the best. And you’ll feel it when you really have to work for something or when everything just falls into place, even if you didn’t “plan” it.