Equal sofa session with Kyla Frankland-Linder

We were super excited to sit down with Kyla, Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Mother to an amazing little boy named Theo! 

equal yoga

As we get ready for Mother’s Day, what does it mean to be a Mother and what can we learn from each other to improve our happy, healthy state of being? We hope to inspire.

Describe in 3 words how it feels to be a Mother!
Crazy beautiful love.

What are the challenges you face and how do you face these?

I think that the biggest challenge in motherhood for me personally has been creating space for myself. I’ve realized I really need to prioritize my own self care in order to be the best version of myself and the best mother for my son. That means speaking up for myself and asking for help when I need it to make sure I can fill my own cup first.

equal yoga

How do you make the time to check in with yourself as a Mother?

I take some time every morning to check in with how I’m feeling and where I’m at. Sometimes that looks like meditation sometimes it’s journaling and sometimes it’s just sitting with a cup of tea.

What's your go to movement/workout/yoga/barre e.t.c. practice to re-energise?

My go-to movement when I want to energize is always sun salutations. Especially when I don’t have time for a full yoga practice I will make sure I can at least do a few rounds of sun salutations to get me moving!

What would your perfect day (Mother’s Day or not ;)) be like? Describe it!

My perfect day is a really simple day. Starting with some meditation and yoga, followed by a nourishing meal and some time to play with my son. Sitting in the sun and reading a book in the afternoon. A nice dinner with my family. A warm bubble bath and an early bedtime. (Especially the early bedtime since my son has currently decided he hates sleep.)

We hope you enjoyed reading.

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