Equal Sofa Session With Kim Terpstra

We sat down with the wonderful Kim to get inspired and learn how her yoga journey started.

equal yoga

Kim Terpstra is a yoga teacher, student for life and Instagram inspiration, dedicated to sharing her yoga experience with others! You can find her teaching at at various studios, online and at our very own Equal Rozengracht and Hoofdweg studios in Amsterdam.

First I started once a week then it became a daily practice, and I decided to do a teacher training and make this a bigger part of my life.

Tell us in a few words how you started yoga and why?

When I was 11 I went to the dance academy and I loved to do ballet, I was told to audition and combined it with my studies. When I was 17 I stopped the ballet because of the injuries with my feet and after 2 years of having physio every week I decided to stop. I did 1 year of other styles of dance but then realised it wasn’t challenging so decided to study art and graphic designs and then started my career in fashion design, after so long behind the computer I missed using my body and movement.

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with epilepsy and had brain surgery to help with this. That led me to yoga as the surgery was close to a part in my brain which effected my sensations and emotions. I had to stop my studies. 

I was sad and walking through the rain and saw a yoga poster in the window and decided to take my first class. First I started once a week then it became a daily practice, and I decided to do a teacher training and make this a bigger part of my life.

What do you enjoy most about teaching yoga?

I really enjoy sharing my own practice and experience with other people. If you are able to let other people listen to what they need, you can always use your yoga practice, in so many ways. Some people need it to energise, some people need it to calm, some people need to listen to where they have issues with their body. We are living our lives in our head so much, yoga teaches us to respect our own body and make yourself healthy to live a good life. I like to give people what I know, and they can take out of it what they need. Encourage people to see what surprises they have inside them. Once you are on the path, it’s about keep moving in your own way.

What are your other interests and how do you stay inspired?

The most important thing is to keep looking everywhere, inside and out. Try not to invent something new always, but look at things from a different perspective. It can become boring to stay in the same routine. There are so many ways to experience and feel the same poses. Keeping your mind open to let all angles in. If you get stuck with something, you can always choose a different path, but also take a moment to adjust the details or find that sunshine in what you have. Reinventing and keeping yourself creative. Give yourself the challenge to keep moving around something will keep things fresh.

How would you encourage someone thinking about taking the first step onto the mat? Any tips?

The most important thing is that you do it for yourself. Go for it with an open mind and try at least 3 classes. The first class you can always be overwhelmed. The 2nd class you can start to recognise some of the poses or movements. The 3rd time you can start to feel how your practice resonates with what you need.

What is your favourite pre/post yoga snack?

My go to light snack is an avocado. Simple, by itself.
Post yoga I love pizza, lots of cheese, and more cheese! I'm a real pizza lover.

Favourite yoga pose?

Definitely any variation of heart openers: camel or wild thing. 

Any last words?

It would be really nice for people to see the playfulness side to yoga. You don’t have to have any ambition because there is no goal. Only to be in the moment. 

Check out Kim's Instagram profile for poses, outfits and more!

equal yoga