Equal Sofa Session With Amsterdam field hockey player Freeke Moes

Freeke shares her yoga experience at Equal and how it helps improve her body amongst other intense hockey trainings.

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Freeke Moes, a field Hockey player for Amsterdam Dames and team NL is an Equal Yoga fan! She joins Equal to help her find some peaceful moments within her busy schedule.

I like that my practice is a moment completely for myself and that I (try) to find peace in my thoughts.

How did you get into Equal yoga and how long have your been practicing?

I got to know equal yoga studio when I came to play hockey at Amsterdam ladies. Equal
has been a sponsor of our team for years and I had just moved and was looking for a new
yoga studio. I've been enjoying Equal yoga classes for two years now.

What benefits do you see physically/mentally combined with your hockey training? 

I notice that yoga brings me a lot of mental peace and calm. I like that my practice is a moment
completely for myself and that I (try) to find peace in my thoughts. In addition, I notice that it makes me much more flexible physically and I feel that I help my muscles a little extra with recovery.

What’s most important to you and what do you love most about equal?

My favourite studio is the studio on the Rozengracht. The hosts and teachers are lovely people and  the entire atmosphere feels serene. I like to go to yin yoga when i've trained harder and to stretch a little more. I think Core Flow is a wonderful lesson. I like to try a different class every now and then for variety. I sometimes go to Equal with my friend and teammate Fay van der Elst. I've joined with her regularly from the very beginning.

What's your advice for anyone thinking of starting their Equal Yoga journey?

Yoga has completely stolen my heart and I really recommend that everyone trys it. It
doesn't matter if you've never taken a class before because the classes offer different
options from beginners to advanced. Let yourself be taken into the class and enjoy the
energising and pleasant atmosphere at Equal.

equal yoga