Equal Core Power - what you need to know

With every Core Power class, the purpose is to combine a challenging physical workout with the mindfulness and movements of yoga.  Ready to up your game? Then this is the class for you!

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The Core Power sequence is designed to incorporate flow, strength and obviously LOTS of core. We add our feel-good vibes with music and our experienced teachers as we guide you through your practice, breath by breath. Movement by movement. Get ready to work hard and prepare for a lot of sweat!

Karli Orazi, an Aussie yoga teacher with a love for sunshine and saltwater, always creates a warm welcoming space where you can take the time to stop, explore and appreciate where your body can take you- no matter what level of experience. Karli always incorporates her touch of ‘spice’ to keep you on your toes.

With Core power, you can expect more energy and fire.

Tell us about why you love Core Power?

Core power is one of my favourite classes to teach as it gives permission to bring in a little more strength & spice into class. With Core power, you can expect more energy and fire. I love to practice & teach with pace and passion, to really feel a sense of strengthening and lengthening in the body.

So who is this class for?

Core Power can be for everyone, there are always modifications you can take if some poses don't feel great in your body. I always encourage students to tune into their mood and energy levels, to find that sweet spot in their practice. There is a concept in yoga, "Sthira Sukha Asanam", which is about finding the balance between effort and ease. Core power is a great opportunity to practice this. I think we probably all need to get better at attuning to our bodies and considering what we need from our yoga practice each dayJoining a powerful vinyasa class can be a great way to turn inwards, allowing your body, your breath & the music to carry you. 

What can we expect?

Lots of shoulder & core strengthening, a dynamic flow, and an opportunity to play with an arm balance.

What if I’m new to yoga, can I join? 

Of course! Let the teacher know at the start of class so they can support you however you need. The more challenging poses are optional, so play with them if it feels good, or pass if it doesn't. You can always take time to rest if needed.

What about injuries?

Most of the time you can accomodate different injuries. But listen to your body and practice intelligently. This class can especially be heavy on shoulders and wrists, but the teacher can support you with modifications so just be sure to mention it before class.

What is the difference between Core Flow & Core Power?

In Core Power we play with more plank options, crow pose (a nice introductory arm balance to get familiar with holding weight in the hands). Core power is just that, an invitation for a little more power. 

I join Core Power classes often, what’s my next step?

You don't have to have a next step. Being consistent with your practice is the most important thing. You could try our Strong Flow, which includes some different arm balancing variations, that can be incorporated into any vinyasa flow (eg. flying splits). Another next step could be to play with incorporating handstands into your flows. It's super fun!

Where can we join your Core Power classes? 

I teach Core Power every Tuesday at 10am at Equal Yoga Hoofdweg. Come Play!

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