Equal candlelit classes - connect deeper within your practice

NEW! Our candlelight classes are now added to the schedule during the darker months of the year.

equal yoga

During the darker and colder months of the year, we invite warmth and cosiness with our Candlelit classes. The room will be lit by candlelight and our teachers will guide you through the practice using less words. This can help you deepen your practice in many ways. Here’s why.

Turn the focus inwards
Everyday our senses take in lots of impressions. Sometimes these impressions feed us in a healthy way. Other times, they create an unwanted distraction or overload on our system. This is why yogis practice ‘pratyahara’, which is a Sanskrit word for ‘withdrawal of the senses’. By removing stimuli for the senses, we aim to shift the focus inwards and away from the external world. This can be practiced in many ways and our Candlelit classes can be a good starting point. 

Give the eyes rest
Through our eyes we take in lots of impressions. By minimally lighting up the room with candles, your eyes will be processing less information on what’s going on around us. Hereby, we create space to turn the awareness inwards and become more conscious of your mind, body and breath. 

Embrace stillness
In our Candlelit classes, the teacher will use less words to guide you through the practice. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but it is great practice to become more at ease with quiet. Again, this offers a great opportunity for guiding the awareness inwards and deepening your practice in a different way. 

Our Candlelight Fusion & Flow classes are bookable at all locations during the darker months of the year.