8 signs you are ready to join a yoga teacher training

Maybe you have been thinking about joining a yoga teacher training for a while already. We hope you do, because we have a checklist and an early bird special for you. 

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Read below the 8 signs that you are ready for a training and apply by 1st December 2021 to save up to 200 EUR on our next teacher trainings.

If you want to learn more about our vinyasa or yin teacher training, join a complimentary class and Q&A session. Check our training pages for the exact dates. Here are 8 signs that you are ready! 

1. You’re passionate about yoga and your asana practice is the center of your life.

You plan your week around what yoga classes you want to take. Your practice is one of the biggest priorities in your life. You’re at that point where the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday is your life. If yoga is a top priority in your life, why not gift yourself some more time to study this practice that you love. Joining a yoga teacher training is the natural next step for you. 

2. You’ve started to ask questions about what you’re doing

There comes a point, in your yoga journey, when you have mastered basic asanas and understand the cues your teacher is giving you in terms of body alignment, breath and drishti (focus point). But you want to know more about why you are doing a certain pose, what its Sanskrit name means, and the philosophy behind it.

A teacher training program provides an in-depth study and support that will help to take all aspects of your personal practice to the next level. Many people join purely to deepen their practice rather than actually teach and if you need to know more about what you’re doing, you’re ready to train.

3. You want to find your tribe and meet like-minded people.

You find yourself gravitating more and more toward like-minded people and yogis. In Teacher Trainings, you will create a strong bond with a whole new group of people. During your training you will find a community of people who are as passionate about yoga as you are, and you will share an extraordinary journey with them. Because the training is an intense emotional, physical and spiritual experience, you will establish strong bonds with your group, sometimes ones that last a lifetime. 

4. You are at a crossroads in your life and you are ready for a change

Although the uncertainty we may feel at a crossroads can seem scary and overwhelming, the opportunity we have during these times is enormous. You can use these changes to grow, expand and transform yourself and balance your body and life. At a yoga teacher training course, not only will you have a whole lot of fun, but you’ll restart your life with the skills and ability to create a routine more aligned with who you are and what is truly important to you. Joining a yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience. 

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5. You love learning, growing and challenging yourself

The reality is that humans thrive and feel more energized and alive when they are learning, growing and challenging themselves in safe and supportive environments. A yoga teacher training creates a safe place for personal growth and transformation and provides an invaluable opportunity to learn new skills, get in shape, get inspired and go back home a healthier and better version of yourself.  

6. You want to live a more authentic life

Your current yoga practice has given you a glimpse of your true self and you are starting to question the way you’ve been living your life. You may simply want to live a healthier way and want to know more about the benefits of a yoga lifestyle, or you may be thinking about more profound changes. Whether radical changes or small ones, as you reconnect with your authentic self you will start to steer the course of your life to be more in alignment with your deepest desires.

7. You seek a more empowered connection with yourself.

Modern society is built on a disconnect between the human spirit and the human body. The split between the body and the mind is so typical, most of us don’t know how to identify it or realize it’s happening to us. We may, however, that we are longing for something else. We may feel we don’t really know who we are. When asked “how do you feel?” we may have a hard time answering, or we don’t really want to confront the answer. Over the course of a teacher training, you will examine the “shoulds” that control your life. You will develop an empowered connection to yourself.

8. Yoga has helped you overcome something in life

You may have originally sought the comfort of the mat while in a toxic job or relationship, or to help you recover from grief or heartbreak. You know that you couldn’t have got through any of it without your practice and you want to find out how yoga really works to free the body from emotional trauma. 

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If a few of these resonated with you, why not take the leap and join a yoga teacher training? You are reading this, because you are just drawn to do it! You don’t know why but you just feel called. In fact, you’ve been secretly thinking about this training for a long time. If you have read all the way to this end paragraph, it is your intuition telling you that you want to do a yoga teacher training! 

It’s just taking some time to convince your rational mind that it’s okay to take the leap, follow this voice, and trust that it will work out. Reconnecting with our intuition is a part of the journey of yoga, so if you’re just feeling like you want to do it, it’s time to listen to your inner wisdom guiding you!