3 practical tips to get an energy boost!

By Energy Coach Sharon Epskamp from House of Flux 

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Sharon Epskamp, transformational energy coach at House of Flux, believes that we prefer to do what gives us the most energy. But is something stopping you from realising your dream? We know the benefits of building a consistent yoga routine and the increased mental and physical energy boost we feel. How can we compliment our practice in other areas of our life? We hear about her work and some tips to boost your energy alongside your yoga practice.

Nice to meet you, I’m Sharon! As a Certified Energy Coach for ambitious dreamers, I’ve learned firsthand about the importance of taking charge of your energy and it’s something I practice daily. Because

‘Energy is not just something you have, no ‘you are energy’.

That makes it not just a spiritual approach, but a practical one and personal way of life. 

Your energy puzzle is constantly influenced by your thoughts, your feelings, your behavior and how you live up to your goals and values in life. In that way you will make choices as well as attract what resonates with that energy. The good news is: energy has the innate quality to always transform. Here is where you come in! If you want to make a professional or personal shift, you can take charge of your energy and transform your day at work, upgrade your relationships… heck, you can even change your life! That’s the reason why Energy is the thing I’m most passionate about. So, Let me give you 3 of my favourite tips to boost your energy today.

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Tip 1: Analyse your personal energy-cycle

As a starter I want you to analyse your energy throughout one day. Start by taking notes from the moment you wake up. Draw out how your energy develops in the morning, midday, afternoon and evening. Ask yourself: when does my energy naturally peak and when does it naturally drop? This is your biological prime and down time (see image for example). Dive deep and analyse what circumstances made your energy drop or peak throughout the day. When it comes to the energy dips, 9 out of 10 times is the story we are telling ourselves that is stressing us out and pulling us out of the present moment.

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Tip 2: list your personal energy rechargers

You might be familiar with your energy givers and takers (read full post for more info). Your energy givers are the things, people, thoughts, goals and behaviors that light you up! They spike your energy instantly and they can fill your heart with excitement. Energy rechargers bring the energy and heartbeat down for restorative benefits. This is the ‘rest & digest’ zone where your body naturally replenishes her energy supply. It pulls you right into the present moment. Did you know how well you are able to recharge your energy has an immediate effect on the quantity and quality of your energy? Examples are: breathing exercises, power naps, meditation, an Equal yin yoga class, epsom salt baths, listening to relaxing music and going for a walk in nature. List your personal favourites. 

Tip 3 - Plan one day based on your biological prime and downtime

Plan your most important meetings and dearest activities during your biological prime time. Allow yourself to recharge during your biological down time. Make your time to recharge so small you can’t say no to it. This can be taking 3 deep breaths in between activities, a 5min walk  or listening to one relaxing song with your full attention. 

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Take charge of your energy and join the Energy Academy Course by House of Flux

The key to personal energy management is all about working with the currents of your energy instead of fighting them. Are you ready to take full charge of your energy? You can now join Sharon’s Energy Academy Course for the special Equal price of €122 instead of €222 by reaching out to the email address below. Don't forget to mention you are an Equal member! The course is in Dutch but will launch in English by next year. Keep an eye out for more interesting collaborations coming up between Equal Yoga and Sharon’s House of Flux. 

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