We encourage first-time visitors to introduce themselves to the teacher and place their mat on either the second or third row from the mirror. If you have any condition or injury you would like your teacher to be aware of, feel free to mention this on arrival. 


    Check-in for your class at the front desk with the receptionist. But be sure to do this no later than 5 minutes before the start of your class. After that, we hand out any available mats to those on the waiting list.


    Please remember to drink enough water before, during (small sips), and after class. Hydration is very important. You can bring your own bottle or purchase cold bottled water from the front desk. Glasses are not allowed in our studios. Coconut water is also a great post-workout option by the way.


    Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your class starts. It’s never a good idea to arrive feeling rushed or stressed before doing yoga. After the class has started we don't allow any late entries to ensure a calm and full practice for everyone. 


    As you will be likely to sweat (a lot!), wear simple, breathable clothing that does not limit your range of motion. Think: T-shirts, singlets, shorts and yoga leggings, any outfit that you would wear going for a run on a hot day. 


    We provide the mats. The heat will make you dripping with sweat, so we ask all our students to either bring or rent an anti-slip yoga towel. If you forget, no worries: we rent them for €2 per class – or you can buy an Equal Yoga towel for €25. If you want to shower after class, bring an extra towel or rent a shower towel with us for €2. In our studios we detox from phones, so please keep yours in your locker during your class! 


    We recommend trying out the Core Flow and Hot Fusion classes if you are new to yoga, which allow you to build a strong foundation for your practice. Our Equal Yin classes are suitable for all levels as well. 


    Make sure you’ve had a meal a few hours before class. If you’re hungry just before class, stick to a light snack like fruit or crackers. We have a small selection of energy bars at the front desk if you need some extra fuel. 


    If you try your luck at the studio, please note we are a cash-free studio and only accept payments by pin or credit card. It could be that classes are full (especially in the evenings) so to ensure your spot please purchase your classes and sign up online beforehand. 


    Can you still practice yoga with an injury? Well, that depends. What did your doctor/physiotherapist say? Please consult with your specialist and when joining for a class please let your teacher know on arrival so that we can discuss any possible modifications for class. 

    Can you practice yoga while pregnant? Well, that depends. What did your obstetrician say? While more obstetricians recommend yoga during pregnancy (which is great!) as a general rule of thumb it is not recommended to start anything brand new during pregnancy. If you already have a steady and strong practice you could likely enjoy your practice throughout your pregnancy, if you've never done yoga starting a hot power yoga practice might not be the best time. Please let your teacher know if you desire any possible modifications. 


    Before you can book a class, you must have a valid class card or unlimited membership. Not registered? Click here. Choose which membership or class card you want and follow the on-screen guidance. You can then log in and reserve classes via our website, the Equal Yoga app or at the studio. Classes can be reserved 14 days in advance.


    Favourite class full? Join the waiting list – online. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as a mat becomes available.


    Please note that 1 Year Unlimited Membership starts on the day of your first class. Monthly Unlimited Yoga Memberships start on the day of purchase and are renewed automatically every month. Any purchased classes expire after 1 year.


    Want to cancel your membership? We’ll be sorry to see you go – but no problem. You can cancel anytime but please do so at least 10 days before your membership is automatically renewed. Just send us an email to info@equalyoga.com and we will process the cancellation within 24 hours.


    Once a class has started, you won’t be allowed to enter, out of respect for fellow students. Our teachers preserve the right to deny class entrance for any reason. Please note all our studios are a phone free environment. 


    Download the app and log in with your email and password in order to:
    • View our schedule
    • Buy and book your classes
    • Add it to your calendar
    • Keep tabs of all your classes