General Terms and Conditions Equal Yoga Teacher Trainings

1. Definitions

1.1 Registration Form: the registration form of Equal Yoga that has to be filled out and signed by the aspiring participant prior to the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga.

1.2 Conditions: these terms and conditions as applied by Equal Yoga to the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga, which have been published on Equal Yoga’s website www.Equal, as well as provided with the registration form of aforementioned training. The General Terms are of effect from the date of signing until the last date of the applicable Teacher Training course.

1.3 Equal Yoga: Equal Yoga Studios and Teaching Facility, including all contracted staff. Equal Yoga is situated in Rozengracht 191, 1016 LZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce number 67437966

1.4 Deposit: the deposit, as mentioned on the registration form that has to be filled out and signed by the aspiring participant prior to the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga, which has to be paid by this participant prior to said training.

1.5 Financial agreement: the agreement between Equal Yoga and the aspiring participant of the teacher training of Equal Yoga that forms part of the registration form for mentioned training, in which the forms of payment for this training are set forth.

1.6 Student: the person who wishes to take, or is taking, as the case may be, the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga.

1.7 Teacher: the yoga teacher who has been contracted by Equal Yoga to teach yoga classes during the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga.

1.8 Tuition: the fee to be paid by the person who wishes to take, or is taking, as the case may be, the yoga teacher training of Equal Yoga. This fee is mentioned on the registration form that has to be filled out and signed by the aspiring participant prior to said training.

1.9 Training: Any training offered by Equal Yoga that trains its participants to become a teacher in the discipline of the training

1.10 Yoga Alliance: Equal Yoga is a Registered Yoga School under the terms and conditions of Yoga Alliance. For more information visit ACE: Equal Yoga is registered as a preferred supplier of trainings at the American Council of Exercise

1.11 Website: the website of Equal Yoga: www.Equal

2. Applicability

2.1 These conditions are exclusively applicable to (the participation in) the Training. By partaking in the Training, as the case may be, the Student agrees with the applicability of these conditions.

2.2 Equal Yoga may change these conditions from time to time. The current and valid version is always provided at the Website. Equal Yoga will announce possible changes previously, by e-mail.

3. Participation and Evaluation

3.1 Students may only participate in the Training, as the case may be, after they have filled out the Registration Form completely, signed it for approval and sent it to, and subsequently have received a written invitation from Equal Yoga by email to participate in the Training.

3.2 Students may miss up to 24 hours of in-class training. Options to re-take in-class hours discussed under

3.3. In case of more hours missed Equal Yoga can no longer guarantee the chance of obtaining a certificate.

3.3 In case you miss a day: discuss with your leading teacher how to compensate for the missed TT hours. 1 Hour compensation class is €50, Half a day cost €125 and a full day of compensation classes cost €250

3.4 Missed or failed exams can be rescheduled. Cost for a rescheduling is €25 per assignment and €100 to re-do a practical exam.

3.5 Participation in the program and completing the hours alone does not mean the Student passes receives certification. Certification requires the passing of written and practical exams, handing in homework and evaluations.

3.6 200 hour Equal Yoga certifications can be submitted to Yoga Alliance for the Student to obtain a RYT-200 status. For more information visit

4. Payment and Prices

4.1 The current tuition fee for the Training is mentioned on the Registration Form.

4.2 The ways of paying the Tuition, including a possible payment plan, will be agreed upon between the Student and Equal Yoga by filling out and signing the Financial Agreement.

4.3 Payment in terms: If you miss a payment deadline that includes an upcoming training weekend, the weekend can only be joined the payment has been transferred.

4.4 Tuition fee does not include any books and or other study material.

5. Cancellation

5.1 The Student shall make the Deposit for the Training, if applicable, as mentioned on the Registration Form. After receiving the confirmation of acceptance to the training, the student has 14 days to change his/her mind and withdraw their registration, with refund of the deposit if already paid. Subject to article

5.2, after payment by the Student the Deposit will under no circumstances be refunded.

5.2 The Student may cancel their registration for the Training with full refund of the amount paid (minus the Deposit), until one (1) month prior to the start date of the Training. This can be done by e-mail to: tt@Equal Subject to article 5.3 and 5.4.

5.3 Early bird payments are also fully refundable.

5.4 In the case the Student cancels their registration for the Training within one (1) month prior to its commencement, the Tuition will not be refunded, or the Tuition will be charged to the Student.

5.5 Equal Yoga has the right to cancel the teacher training in case of not enough applicants or personal or business circumstances. Equal Yoga will refund the paid course fees within 10 working days after cancellation.

6. Health

6.1 The Training has an intensive schedule and curriculum that is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. By participating, the Student declares that he/she is healthy on a medical and mental-health level and is ready to fully participate in the demands of the program of the Training.

6.2 By participating in the Training, the Student declares that he/she is aware that it is his/ her own responsibility to take care of his/her own health and well-being during such training at all times.

7. Code of Conduct

7.1 Students shall adhere to Equal Yoga’s code of conduct at all times:

- Come to the yoga class clean

- The use of (unscented) deodorant is highly appreciated. Because of some Student’s sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing any perfume, aromatherapy or other scents.

- The use of (unscented) deodorant is highly appreciated. Because of some Student’s sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing any perfume, aromatherapy or other scents.

- Wear clean, comfortable clothing during the yoga class.

- It is advised not to eat later than 2 hours prior to a yoga class. In any case, do not practice yoga on a full stomach.

- No shoes in the yoga studio, and no glass in the rooms.

- Phones should be turned off/put on flight mode during the Teacher Training Weekend.

- Equal Yoga provides yoga mats for use during the yoga classes. The yoga mat should be cleaned and put away by the Student who has used it.

- The (physical) integrity of the Students shall be respected at all times.

- Arrive at least 10 minutes early If the student arrives late (over 15 minutes) more than 2 times during the course of the Teacher Training, the Student will not be counted for that portion of the day’s attendance.

7.2 The Student must be able to support the group learning process. The Student may be requested to leave the Training, if it is determined by the Teachers that his/her participation would in any way compromise a safe and cohesive learning environment or are in conflict with the Yoga Alliance Ethical guidelines.

7.3 Equal Yoga reserves the right, at its discretion, to deny Students entry to Equal Yoga and terminate their participation in the Training, as the case may be, who do not adhere to the code of conduct as set forth in article 7.1 and 7.2, or do otherwise disturb the peace, without reimbursing any already paid Tuition.

8. Liability

8.1 Equal Yoga shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damages in connection with, or resulting from, participation in the Training.

8.2 The Student will never engage Equal Yoga, the Teachers, or any of the supporting staff, in legal proceedings relating to possible damages in whatever form, that may be the result of participation the Training.

8.3 Equal Yoga only works with qualified yoga teachers and will always offer yoga classes of the highest quality, nonetheless, there is always a risk of injury involved when taking a yoga class. By participating in the Training, as the case may be, the Student accepts such risk of injury. Equal Yoga offers the following guidelines to diminish the risk of injury: - Consult with a physician when you are not sure you are completely healthy, or have a condition, before starting to take yoga classes. - If you have an injury, or other physical issue, inform the yoga teacher thereof before you start your yoga class. - Listen to and follow the instructions of the yoga teacher. - Be conservative when exercising yoga and listen to your physical limitations. - Don’t do any exercises that are painful. - Ask questions when you do not understand an exercise.

9. Copyright

9.1 All Equal Yoga materials are under copyright protection of Equal Yoga and cannot be reproduced by the Student without permission of the author. Failure to comply may result in legal action. This includes both the course layout, other shared documents and the student manual.

10. Personal data

10.1 Equal Yoga collects personal data of the Students in order to keep a file of its members and for the exercising of payment orders. Equal Yoga shall be careful while collecting these data and will always comply with the applicable Data Protection act (GDPR).

10.2 Equal Yoga will also use the personal data as mentioned in clause 10.1 to keep the Students informed about Equal Yoga’s activities, and possible changes in, e.g., the class schedule. if the Student does not want to receive any communication from Equal Yoga, he can opt-out by sending e-mail to: The Student is informed that in such a case he or she may not be able to make use of all Equal Yoga’s services and products.

10.3 Without prior written consent, Equal Yoga will never transfer any personal data of the Students to a third party.

10.4 All details that students share with Equal Yoga, not only personal data but also the private and health issues, are honoured in its private nature and are handled with highest care and protection of this information.

11 Applicable law, Dispute Resolution, Prevailing language

11.1 Dutch law applies exclusively to the conditions.

11.2 In case of complaints, please send an e-mail to In case we can not solve the issue together, the following certified third party organisation can be addressed to assess and mediate on the issue: Kim Hakvoort, DingemansVanDerKind, Sarphatistraat 9,1017 WS Amsterdam. .Their final decision is binding and will be adhered by both parties and will report back with a decision within 4 weeks. The costs for this procedure will be equally shared by both parties.

11.3 After sharing your complaint with us through email, you will receive an answer by email within 2 weeks. The complaint will be handled and solved within a maximum of 60 days from first contact, if within 60 days the issue is not solved, another 60 day extension to solve the issue applies. In case resolving and the processing the complaint takes longer than the initial 60 days, the student will be notified before the end of the 60 days on the status, and a new estimate will be given on why it is taking longer and a new estimate of date of finalising the complaint will be provided.

11.4 The complaint will be handled with care and protection of privacy of the complaining party. Also, the complaint will be archived and stays retrievable for a period of 1 year from the first contact.

11.5 The program may primarily be given in English. The Student has the choice to write their papers and exams in Dutch.