Morning rituals- the reason why I set my alarm for 7am hot yoga

Could a hot yoga practice be your new favourite wake-up routine to start your day in the best way? 

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Adding a little sweat and power to your morning has multiple benefits that can last with you the whole day. From feeling an instant energy boost, to feeling like you are ready to face the day with a sense of clarity. But how to find the motivation, whether you are a morning person or not? We hear from one of our most regular 7am students from Utrecht committed to that energising morning practice! Set your alarms Equals...

For me working out is a way to get into my routine. When I work out a lot, I eat healthier, go to bed earlier and I just feel better.

How long have you been practicing at Equal? How did you get into a regular routine?

I have been practicing at Equal since May last year. I had practiced yoga before, but due to a busy period at work and moving to another city (Utrecht) I lost track of it. After that period I just started to book some classes that fit around my work schedule to get into the routine. For me working out is a way to get into my routine. When I work out a lot, I eat healthier, go to bed earlier and I just feel better. So my tip to get into a regular routine? Just schedule the lessons and hold yourself accountable to go. Before you know it you do not know any better. 

Are you a morning person? What gets you out of bed and to the studio?

Well, nowadays I am. I used to be terrible at getting out of bed early, I was cranky and wanted to stay in bed all morning. But since I started working and having a better sleeping routine (going to sleep and waking up at somewhat the same time every day during the week) I became a morning person. I really enjoy doing a lot in the morning, because it gives me a lot of energy.

What gets me out of bed and off to the studio is the knowledge that after my practice I will feel so much better. On my way to the practice I am still half asleep and very tired. But when I enter that hot yoga room I just get into the zone. During the practice we start slow which gives me the perfect movements to just wake myself and my body up. The practice then keeps on getting more active and challenging so that by the end of it I am awake, energised, relaxed and totally ready to start the day.

What are your evening routines like the day before a morning class? How do you make sure you get enough sleep?

My routine on the night before class is not always the same, because I do more morning classes a week. But the one thing I always try to do is read the last 10 minutes before I go to bed. From reading I get more tired and it gets me to stay off my phone (oh well, I try to) which also helps. 

What is your biggest motivation to keep the commitment and not click that ‘late cancel’ button and stay in bed?

First and foremost of all I know that when I click on that ‘late cancel’ button I will be disappointed with myself later. During the day my schedule is full with work obligations. So when I skip the morning class I am not able to do another class that day. On days that I am not working I still try to do a morning class, just to keep myself focused and in the routine of working out.

Last tip for anyone thinking about booking a morning class?

Just book the class and see what it does for you. You do not need to be fully energised when walking in at 7AM. The energy will come naturally during class.

So I'll see you on the mat soon!