Amsterdam & Utrecht

Hot Fusion (XL) 36°C

The Hot Fusion classes are a one-hour, fixed sequence of classic hot yoga poses, at 36 degrees, mixed with vinyasa flow. In this class, you will hold poses for a few cycles of breath to sink into the pose and gain strength, enhance flexibility, and increase your heart rate. Use the time in a pose to find ease in the effort, to turn off the mind, and to challenge yourself and your practice. The use of a fixed sequence for this class allows you to become familiar with poses and transitions which can help you establish a routine and deepen your understanding of each posture over time.
Hof Fusion is a good class for beginners to gain strength and build on poses, moving at a moderate pace without music. For advanced yogis, there are options to deepen poses to challenge and strengthen, because the sequence is the same always, it is easy to track your progress. Don’t underestimate the heat and the strength you need, to be in a pose for a longer time, you will leave the class strong, warm, and sweaty.

Class characteristics:
- improve balance and focus
- build strength and muscle tone
- enhance circulation
- reduce stress
- slow pace
- no music
- 36 degrees

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