Workshop Breathwork

Workshop: Breathwork

Join us for a rejuvenating breathwork workshop at Equal Yoga by Alessandra. 

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  • Summary

    Join us at Equal Yoga for a transformative breathwork workshop designed to deepen your connection to mind and body.

    Led by an experienced instructor, this session will guide you through powerful breathing techniques to release tension, reduce stress, and unlock inner peace. Through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, discover the profound benefits of conscious breathing for overall well-being. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, come explore the profound potential of your breath in this supportive and nurturing environment. Elevate your practice and enhance your life with Equal Yoga's Breathwork workshop.

    - Guided breathing techniques

    - Unlock Inner Peace

    - Suitable for all levels

    Limited spots available for all Breathwork workshops. 

    When: planned in the future. Please keep an eye out on our newsletter & social media
    Location: Equal Yoga Amsterdam Rozengracht
    €50 | non-members
    €30 | unlimited