Equal sofa session with Sara Osman

We sat down with Sara, a Yoga teacher & Artist to learn about her Yoga Teacher Training journey and get some insight that might help other students consider the opportunity to deepen their personal yoga journey.

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Are you ready to transform your life? Are you interested in joining a teacher training but you are wondering whether you are ready to join a training program?  Learning keeps your mind engaged and body active. Many  trainings will stretch your comfort zones, challenge insecurities, and inspire self-esteem & self-respect both as a teacher and as an individual.

What’s the reason you decided to do a yoga teacher training program?

Since I can remember myself I was passionate about two things. Art & Sports. A few years after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, I have to admit I couldn’t have felt more lost. I had no idea where I was going from there, what was making me happy and no clue what my true passion was. When you are unaware of something quite as important as this, you start feeling sick from the inside out. As I was trying to find my path, I found myself at my first hot yoga class here at Equal and then my second class… and before I realised it I became a regular. At that point, I couldn’t completely understand why I kept coming back to my mat, but I was curious to learn more, especially regarding the psychological impact.

Through my eyes, yoga became the golden line and balance between art & movement, which essentially is a means of expression and expression is healing. Taking the step to start a YTT was the best choice I could possibly have made. I was completely horrified of placing myself out of my comfort zone but at Equal, thanks to all these welcoming & unique teachers, I realised that our minds need healing as much as our bodies do. They opened the doors to my personal self-realisation and growth, I can only feel grateful.

 In 3 words, describe your overall experience

Eye-opening, healing, fun

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What was your favourite part of the program, and why?

My favourite part, surprisingly, was my interaction and bonding with all the participants. Quite a few times our teachers assigned us to engage in unique gameplay talks, while changing partner every 5-10 minutes. Through these small talks, I notably had  a few “a-ha moments” and what I learned is that we tend to place people in boxes. It’s very hard to break this habit especially when you’re not aware of doing it as it happens subconsciously.  We’re all the same as individuals and unique at the same time thus, we should honor that more. Even when people pass through our lives temporarily, they can teach us permanent lessons.

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What tips would you give to future trainees on how to get the most out of their own experience?

First of all don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, it is the only way for self-growth and an exceptional experience of realisation. Secondly, allow yourself to feel free and don’t worry too much about your performance, the Equal Yoga Teacher Training Program is unique and memorable, try to embrace all the moments, laugh, cry, scream (into a pillow preferably haha), be there body and soul and last but not least, absorb and listen. A meaningful conversation requires a balance between talking and listening and somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost that balance. The truth is that the average person talks with about 225 words per minute but we can listen to 500 words per minute, so our minds are filling in those 275 remaining words. It takes effort and energy to actually pay attention to someone. Take an interest in other people, everyone has this hidden amazing thing about them, keep your mind open and always be prepared to be overwhelmed.

So, maybe you have seen a poster at the studio, talked with others who have participated in a program, or just find the idea of yoga teacher training interesting. Sometimes words can't express the significance of a teacher training experience, so we encourage you to find out more and take the next step into your own journey.

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