Summer Bingo

Win a years worth of FREE yoga and build your Summer Yoga Routine! Anyone can join! 

Bingo 2024

A festive bingo from 1-30 June 2024, to have fun and bring the power back in your practice.

In the month of June 2024, participate in our fun and engaging Summer Bingo to win great prizes and establish a sustainable yoga routine that will keep you energized and healthy all season long.

How Does It Work?

Our Summer Bingo is a fantastic way to keep you motivated and on track with your yoga practice. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Pick Up Your Bingo Card: At the start of June, grab a bingo card at the Front Desk.
  • Attend Classes: Each square on the bingo card represents a different yoga class or activity. Attend the classes and complete the activities to mark off the squares.
  • Complete a Bingo Line: Aim to complete a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) on your bingo card. Each completed line gets you closer to great prizes!
  • Submit Your Card: At the end of June, submit your completed bingo card to enter the prize draw. Only fully completed Bingo Cards will compete for the grand prize.

We have lined up some incredible prizes to reward your dedication and effort. We announce the winners on Monday July 1st via Instagram and we'll email the winners. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can win:

Grand Prize: A full year of free yoga classes, 1 give away in Amsterdam and 1 in Utrecht

Second Prize: 5 Limited edition sage green Equal hoodies (1 per studio)

Daily Draws per 3 full Bingo lines: You can pick a prize from the Equal lucky dip box

2 Full lines: Grab a power bar at the Front Desk

bingo card

Why Participate?

The Summer Bingo Yoga Campaign is not just about winning prizes; it’s about building a consistent and rewarding yoga practice that you can carry into the rest of the year. Here are a few benefits:

Stay motivated: The bingo challenge adds an element of fun and competition, keeping you excited and committed to your practice.

Explore different classes: With a variety of classes on your bingo card, you’ll have the opportunity to try new styles and discover what you love.

Build a routine: Regular attendance helps you establish a sustainable yoga routine, improving your physical and mental well-being.

Join a community: Engage with fellow yogis, share your progress, and celebrate your achievements together.

Who can join?

Anyone can join! All non-unlimited members: please keep in mind that in order to get a full bingo card, you will have to attend quite a lot of classes. It is therefore advised to make use of our summer offer: a 10-class card for Amsterdam and Utrecht. Buy here. Only available in June 2024, valid for one year. 

 This June, let’s come together to build healthy habits, enjoy the community, and win great prizes. Join our Summer Bingo Yoga Campaign. We can’t wait to see you on the mat!